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Galactic Conqueror
Galage Deluxe
Garfield Winter's Tail

Our beloved Garfield conquered the Amiga. This game has nice graphics, very hard levels to practice your skills. Features a cool, happy music!

Garrison 2
Gateway to the Savage Frontier
Gauntlet 2

An old RPG adventure game by Atari. Up to four players (a wizard, a warrior, an elf, and a valkyrie) make their way through various mazes, collect treasures and magic potions, and fend off assorted creatures and ghosts.

Gee Bee Air Rally

A very nice looking puzzle game, where you must manipulate with different colors to clear a succession of increasingly-difficult levels.The basic idea is that you are presented with 2 sets of tiles, and must make the left one identical to the 'control' set on the right.

Genghis Khan
Ghostbusters 2

The Amiga game based on the idea of the well known movie. You have to enter into New York's drains. Watch out, you will find many ghosts there! The game has amazing, sampled music. Unfortunately the difficulity of the first level is extremly high, so many players will throw away the game, after 10 minutes.

Ghosts 'n Goblins

A platform game where you have a knight hero who has to run on a sideway scrolling level and kill all the zombies, bats, goblins, etc on the way. Nice graphics and good atmosphere.

Ghouls 'n Ghosts

3 years ago... the brave knight, Arthur, saved the beloved Princess PrinPrin from the Dark Prince, Lucifer, and had driven his evil forces back into the Underworld. But now...monsters had begun attacking ... kidnapped for a dark ritual to raise a greater evil than Lucifer! Almost the same zombie killing platform game as the Ghosts 'n Goblins, with new levels, better graphics, new enemies and fine music.

Giana Sisters

Review 1: One of the first games I've been addicted to - Giana Sisters. A great Jump 'n Run - nothing special compared to all the stuff of today, but a real classic. Find your way through many levels ... Maybe the C64 version is better, the capabilities of Amiga are not really used. It's a simple clone. But the music was resampled and sounds quite well. If you haven't seen the C64 version, try this!


This game is an Arkanoid clone. Everything is almost the same, but the overall feeling is not as good as in the Arkanoid. Anyway, it's a good breakout game.

Global Effect
Global Trash
Gloom Deluxe AGA

Maybe the first well designed Doom clone for the Amiga. You should own a quite expert Amiga config to play it with good graphics and speed. A 68040 cpu required! Gloom is a hard game, with brutal ADULT scenes. The enemies can blast, the blood is spluttering, etc.


Adventure game, with an original sense of humour. Nice graphics, sounds and music. The first episode of the trilogy on Amiga.

Gobliins 2

Very nice point and click adventure game, with lots of fun, joke and well animated characters. You should get through many phatetic brain-teaser, and listen to the great and funny music. Worth to try all the three episodes and to play the game 'till the end!

Goblins 3

You control only one goblin this time around since there is only one "i" in the title. It's the hardest game in the trilogy, there is a number of puzzles that you simply cannot solve without a lot of trial-and-error. For instance, in the second scene you must get through several bad guys. The only way to do that is to randomly try each item you have on each guy until one works.


Review 1: The story, as far as I know it, is about an ancient greek hero who gets the chance to become a god after surviving the several stages of this game. The graphics are great, the game itself is ... high standard of all Bitmap Brothers games. A definite must! Review 2: Quite avarage platform game with some action elements, takes place in medival age. The music is fine, the graphics is medium.

Gold of the Aztecs
Golden Axe

Review 1: One of the most legendary games of all times. Back in 1990, when it was made, Golden axe made an army of fans! The game places You in a role of Barbarian, Amazon or Dwarf on a holy quest of ... Old arcade game, a very big classic! Double Dragon style beat'em up game. You just run across levels and beat every enemies you can reach. You also can use magic. 3 characters available for playing.

Grand Monster Slam

An odd sports game in the traditions of dodgeball and kick ball.You must kick all the soccer like balls on your side to the opposite side, in the process hitting the other teams players. If you knock them down, and run to the center, you win. The game featured bonus levels, varied levels of opponents and a league.

Grand National

It's a horse racing simulator. An old stake game, with weak graphics and sound. It uses the HAM technology to display colorful pictures, but unfortunately they looks not so good.

Gravity Force
Great Courts
Great Courts 2
Gremlins 2
Guardian AGA
Gunship 2000 AGA

Helicopter simulator. The second generation, with enhanced audio and visual. Many playable copters, many weapons can be armed. Vector graphics, quite good speed, and very hard missions!


Hammerfist is a well executed arcade-action, with good graphics. Released first on C64, then on Amiga. Hammerfist has just 32 screens but it's not easy to complete them all. Every screen has virtually a sub-game in its own right. To exit any screen you must destroy everything on it.

Hard 'n' Heavy

Hard 'n' Heavy was a Giana Sisters clone on the C64. Later it was released on Amiga. It is a conversion, so not as good at the original version. The graphics is almost the same, but the music is much worst.

Hardball 2
Harley Davidson

A naval battle strategy-simulator based on Larry Bond's popular Harpoon board-game from 1980 about the cpld war. When you asked to pick up a directory, insert disk 2 and choose the directory available there.

Head Over Heels
Heart of the Dragon
Heimdall 1

Review 1: Heimdall 1 is a rather unique and special game. Its a mixture between an adventure, puzzle and roleplay games as several aspects of each genre is included. You start the game by choosing each ... of the gods, from all evil, including the terrible Ragnarok. Unfortunately Ragnarok is on its way... Funny characters and very exciting story. It has an isometric point of view, and good graphics.

Heimdall 2

"Into the Hall of Worlds". The adventure continues, but at this time with AGA powered graphics. Very nice levels and isometric scenes. You can change shape into male/female as you go along.

Helicopter Mission
Hero Quest

Review 1: An adaption of the well known boardgame Hero Quest (you wouldn't have guessed!). While not being a REAL RPG the (board-)game ranked somewhere near that genre and attracted especially those ... little brother ;-) Nice choice for a first look into the genre I think. Review 2: Nice adventure game, which has many expansion disks available on the net too. Mostly it's like the Heimdall series.

Hero Quest 2
High Seas Trader
Highway Patrol 2
Hill Street Blues
Hillsea Lido
Hilt 2
Hired Guns

Very well designed and good looking action shooter. Maybe one of the smoothest graphics on A500. Antialiased fonts, etc :) It's good for multiplayer, 3rd persion view with splitted screen! By the way, A1200 and more memory welcomed.

History Line 1914-18

Funny, easily playable platform game, where you have to navigate your dragon through many levels. Not so advanced graphics and sound, but colorful levels and copper backgrounds. Nice game!

Hole in One
Hollywood Pictures

Captain Hook's advanture. An ordinary "click and use" adventure game, similar to Monkey Island, but it has weaker graphics.

Horror Zombies From The Crypt

A simple horror game, with action elements. You have to enter the gothic mansion, which is full of vampires and zombies, ghouls and you have to pass six levels.


Cool oldstyle action game, where you see your hero from a side-platform view. You have to run through many levels and complete the mission. Beware of the scouting lights and the enemies!

Hound of Shadow
Hoyle's Book of Games

Hunter is an action adventure game set in a fully 3d polygon world, which looked superb in its day, but alas looks rather dated by todays standards. Nevertheless there is an lot of enjoyment to be had ... from bicycles to windsurfers, jeeps to ambulances and tanks to helicoptors. This has always been one of my favourite Amiga games and one which totally lends itself to a 21st century makeover.


A fine designed arcade game from Domark. You control your boat and have to ride over the river and blast the enemies. Similar perspective to Lotus and JaguarXJ220.


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