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Warcraft: Orcs & Humans

Review 1:

Warcraft 1 is one of the classic RTS (Real Time Strategy) games. Warcraft 1 is about two waring sides, the Humans and the Orcs. Like many of the older RTS games the only real difference between the units is the graphics and the sounds, your magic units may have some different spells but the differences end there. Warcraft 1 is still an ok game though, it has varied missions from the build a base and destroy the enemy, to the tough missions where you take a small troop of units to rescue someone. If you have recently played a RTS game you will catch onto Warcraft 1 quickly, with the basic collecting of resources, creating units and buildings and upgrading units. When I first played the Demo of Warcraft 1 many years ago I thought it was average, I did enjoy Warcraft 2 though. So if you have played Warcraft 2 you might want to give the first one a go.

Review 2:

One of the true classics. Like Command & Conquer, Warcraft helped forming one of the largest fan groups for the strategy genre. With its unique and exciting gameplay Warcraft showed how well dome a game could be developed and no other game was near what the developers had achieved with Warcraft. The game is taking place in a fantasy world with orcs and humans fighting each other. Depending on whom you decide to play as you will have to defeat your opponent during several different missions and of course it gets harder and harder for every mission.

In the first mission you only start with very little units but by mining gold and collection wood you can fast expand your base and when you feel you are protected enough its time to start searching for the enemy. In each mission the game will only end once you have defeated and destroyed all enemy units and buildings which is a bit annoying when you play some of the last missions as there might be a little farm located somewhere that you first have to fund even when the enemy doesn't have more units left. But this is a minor thing in the game and it's easy to ignore when you consider the rest of the gameplay in Warcraft.

There are several different units included although they are pretty much the same whether you are playing as the humans or the orcs so it doesn't matter that much. It would have been great if the differences were more but Blizzard made up for that in Warcraft 2 so I will forgive them this time. The game is played in real-time but at a speed where you have time to reach when you are attacked unexpected (and that will happen eventually). When you find a goldmine it will only contain a specified amount of gold and that offers a great aspect to the game since every gold piece can be important to buy that single unit that can mean the victory in some of the smaller scenarios. Warcraft is one hell of a game and for the strategy fan this is a game that you just have to play.

Review 3:

One of those games that made the realtime-strategy-genre big. Set in a fantasy world you either take over the role of a human soldier rising up to be an important leader trying to stop an orc-incasion or you take the counterpart and lead the orcs against the humans. An excellent game-engine with great graphics and nice sound-effects (try clicking several time on an orc who's already activated - very funny to hear him get angry...). The difficulty of the game grows with every level, the scenarios get more complex. In the end you have to build cities to be able to build armies strong enough to defeat your enemies. In the course of the game you get advanced units like the Necromancer (a powerful mage that is able to turn dead soldiers of either side into undead fighters) or the catapult, a simple but very effective weapon. The kind of spells human and orc-mages can cast are different, while human priests can heal their units that is not possible for the orcs - you have to fight different, but on the other hand your necromancers can raise slain humans and let them face their former comrades.

Especially in the later levels you will need both good strategy as well as fast thinking and reacting on the computer-played opponents. You can also play against a friend over modem or directlink. This is a game I really enjoyed playing and it stays on my harddisk now for quite some years.

Review 4:

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans is the first real-time fantasy strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment. Two separate story lines (Orcs and Humans) evolve with 12 scenarios per side telling the tale of the battle for the Kingdom of Azeroth. Players must mine gold and chop wood in order to construct buildings and create units. Each side tries to destroy the other by collecting resources and creating an army.

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