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Chicago 90

Review 1:

Chicago 90+ is a very simple game where you either play as a gangster or the police. If you are the gangster you have to escape from the city by driving to the exit without getting caught. If you are the police you will have to capture the gangster. You have several police cars available and you can always switch between them so you get the car that is closest to the gangster.

When you drive around there are other cars as well so you will have to avoid those unless you ant to destroy your car. The game doesn't end just because you drive into another car. It's particular fun when you are the gangster and chased by 2-3 police cars and you are driving toward them and it all ends up with a huge crash - with you escaping. Being chased by the police can really be exciting and this is probably the funniest thing in the game.

The graphics are quite impressive and the animations like when your car crashes or something similar are done very well. You will quickly be able to win the game once you have played it a few times but the good thing in the game is that there are 3 levels and when playing on the hardest level you are up for quite challenge. Overall a nice game and even though the game is quite simply it's quite addictive and you can use a lt of time on Chicago 90.

Review 2:

This is a fun action game designed by one of the most prolific UK companies who, unfortunately, never got a start distributing their games in the US. In this game, choose to be either gangster or police and escape (or try to catch) the opposite side using joystick or keyboard. The graphics are excellent, considering it's only 16-color EGA, especially the animation of cars and buildings. 3 difficulty levels get hard pretty quickly.

Review 3:

This is not exactly what you would call a simple game. Or it's far too simple for my overintelligent brain. You can choose wether to be a cop or a gangster. If you choose to be a gangster, which is my personal favourite, you will have to escape the city, but avoid bumping into other cars, the walls or the police. If you choose to be the police you will have to capture the gangster. A nice thing about this is that there are several police cars and when trying to catch the gangster, you can switch police cars.

In a certain way, this vaguely reminds me of the classic game "Pacman", but I'm not sure if anyone else would agree on this. The graphics are extremely well done, crashes are well simulated, the only real "bad" point is that the gameplay needs some hard work before you will get it. It's not a real problem though, this will come. And if you get the whole gamplay, this one can be quite addictive. Although you will soon have finished it, there are 3 levels and accomplishing the 3rd level can be quite a task. A fun game, not too hard, it might catch you playing quite a while. Recommended!

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