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Tactical Manager
Tactical Manager 2
Take 'em Out

Ordinary, simple game about shooting the bandits with a choosen gun. Arcade style, similar to Operation Wolf. Nothing special, downlod only if you are really bored.

Task Force

Action game, with simple graphics and sound. You have to control your team, equip them with various weapons, etc.

Team Suzuki

It would be a good race game, but on an A500 it is extremely slow. Even if it has very simple vector graphics. If you try it, switch on the A1200 power, maybe it will be playable.

Team Yankee
Technology 2
Telekommando 2
Temple of Apshai Trilogy
Tennis Cup
Teresa AGA
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Terminator 2: The Arcade Game

This is the well known Terminator game, which is similar to the one you saw in the arcade clubs. You control your guns crosshair and have to blast all the enemies around. Very hard, but enjoyable, cool game. You must try!

Test Drive

Review 1: Driving simulation Test drive offered something that no one ever saw before in computer gaming - a variety of cars and a true "first-person" view from a car! This game was a big hit ... Review 2: Classic car driving simulator game. There were 2 episodes on Amiga and 3 on C64. In first one, you can drive only in mountains. Many car types can be chosen, with different interior.

Test Drive 2: The Duel

The driving lesson countinues. You can race over many tracks now, not only in the hills. There are forest, dessert, etc. But due to new levels, there are no space for cars on the disk, so only Porshe and Ferrari can be choosed. Recommended to download the extension disks, with tons of card and even more levels.


Review 1: No need to say anything about Tetris, really. This is an Amiga version of it, probably the best looking one with some nice tunes. Everything else is the same - place falling blocks and form lines and do it for as long as possible. Review 2: Everybody knows this classical russian logical game. This Amiga version has nice music and colorful backgrounds, which can be switched during the game.

Tetris Pro

An other remake of the Tetris game. This time it has better graphics, with stone styled bricks. If you complete a level, you get fine pictures as reward.

Theatre of Death

This game seems as the Psygnosis' answer to Cannon Fodder. Unfortunately it isn's as good as it should be. Looks like a mix of Commando and Lemmings, with week controls.

Theme Park

A strategy game that was released on many platforms. On Amiga there were an OCS and AGA versions too. You have to build and manage you own amusement-park. Nice strategy with good and funny graphics.

Thomas Tank Engine Pinball AGA
Thomas the Tank Engine

A nice game with Thomas, the little locomotive. You have to navigate him through the railway and beware of the barriers and other engines. Good graphics, sound and speed.

Three Stooges
Thunder Blade
Thunder Jaws

This game is quite similar to the Gunship series, but the simulator part is not as good as at Gunship 2000, because it uses only OCS graphics. It is a vector graphics based helicopter simulation, but it has great animated into at the begining, with digitalized speech!

Tiny Troops

A new game from Vulcan software, seams to be a mix of cannon fodder and lemmings. You get a fine intro animation, and a playfield with your little troops. Select them, control them, win the game! Not bad!

Tom & Jerry: Hunting High and Low

Tom and Jerry platform game was released on many platforms, even on Gameboy. Unfortunately I have to say, that Amiga version is one of the worst. Ugly graphics and non-useable gameplay. Anyway, if you want this game for some reasons, here it is :)

Tommy Gun

Aliens have arrived and have taken control of all the fruit and vegetables. You have to take control of Tommy Gun who is a killer tomato and fight your way through each level defeating all the creatures.

Top Gear 2 AGA

A very good looking AGA racing game, similar to the Lotus series and the Jaguar XJ 220. It has fast speed, with long visiblity, 3D rolling cars, many levels and good music.

Top of the League AGA

Just an other football manager game. It takes 3 disks, loads quite fast, and has many options and possibilities to act. Unfortunately you can't really see that this is an AGA game, because of the limited graphics.


A very detailed flight simulator, with the Tornado strike fighter. You have many options to set up, a battlefield full of active friendly and enemy air and ground units. A mission editor, etc.

Total Carnage AGA

Get that gun and shoot everybody! This can be the slogan of the game. This is a brutal action game, with bloody scenes. You see your hero from a 'Commando' top view, and have to kill every enemy on the screen to pass by.

Tower of Babel

A vector graphics based arcade game. It was released only for Atari ST and Amiga. You control up to 4 robots, each with different abilities, in a 3D platform world. The worlds are basically puzzles, full ... harm or just stand in the way. Your robots have to work together in order to accomplish the goal. You can control a robot in real time, or build up a list of instructions in advance, and let them go.

Tower of Souls AGA
Transarctica AGA

The sun disappeard behind heavy clouds because of the pollution and Earth turned icy again... You are a member of the rebel "Viking Union" and commands a huge combat train. You have to travel the ice land and trade between the stations, defend yourself and find out why the sun isn't shining.

Trapped AGA

A 3D RPG game, with realtime moving. Of course you will need an upgraded Amiga to play this game. The Floppy version contains 7 disks, but they will be used for HDD installation!

Traps & Treasures

One of the best platform games available. You control pirate captain Flynn, and has to find the treasure on the treasure island. The crew of you ship was captured, so you have to free them too. Beware of the other evil pirates!

Trex Warrior
Tricky Quiky Games
Trolls: AGA
Turbo Cup Challenge
Turbo Thrust
Turbo Trax AGA

Very good looking arcade racing game on different types of terrain. Similar to Overdrive or Micro Machines. Fast scroll and game speed, nice ingame graphics, worth to try.

Turrican I

Review 1: Turrican is surely one of the best action-games ever made. You don't only need to go around and shoot every moving thing, this game requires skill. Almost Jump 'n Run-like you are running, ... but very amazing graphics. The backgound color is changeing when you go deeper to the grounds. Cool music and controls. You may want to start with this game, before completing the next episodes.

Turrican II

Review 1: Turrican - the legend continues. The game is still pretty much the same. You control the wellknown one man tank who shoots his way through aliens, robots and alien robots. The great gameplay ... You can use many weapons and additional extra moves. There are large number of opponents to blast and levels to explore. Good atmosphere, music and gameplay. It's cool like all Turrical episodes.

Turrican III

Latest episode of the famous action platform game. Fight against robotic monsters and other things, use extra weapons, many huge levels, and fast gameplay. Fine music and graphics.

TV Sports Basketball

Review 1: Sport TV Sports: Basketball is definitely the best basketball game ever published for Amiga. Select a team and try to win the ring. There are many features in this game that have never been ... up to the last half of your opponents half, which is actually a good thing all though it might not sounds like it. The graphics is the thing that gets the game up including the good but simple sound.

Twin World
Two-On-Two Basketball

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