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TV Sports Basketball

Review 1:


TV Sports: Basketball is definitely the best basketball game ever published for Amiga. Select a team and try to win the ring. There are many features in this game that have never been see before. One of them is player editor which makes the game even more interesting. The complete NBA season is covered with detailed statistics and will keep You coming for more over and over again. Cinemaware had some real good games while it existed. TVSB is one of their biggest hits and should not be forgotten.

Review 2:

One of the best basketball games I have played on the Amiga. Too bad that the PC version isn't that good. You can control all the best teams from the NBA with accurate players statistics and player names. You can play a single game or play a full league. Of course the game offer two player mode as well including very easy controls.

Actually only three game screens are used during a match. You either attack or defend around the basket. When you get the ball the computer automatically move all players up to the last half of your opponents half, which is actually a good thing all though it might not sounds like it. The graphics is the thing that gets the game up including the good but simple sound.

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