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Vegas Casino 2

Vegas Casino 2 is a craps and roulette simulation written by Tarheel Technologies and distributed by Mastertronic. Although the 'prequel' Vegas Casino was billed as "The Ultimate Gambling Compendium Program," VG2 is at best an "add-on" judging from much lesser content and budget price ($9.99). The game essentially offers two casino games: roulette and craps, for up to four players. Decent EGA graphics, intuitive keyboard/mouse/joystick interface, and a nice betting help screen rounds up this offering.

The rules of roulette are simple: place bets on the numbers and spin the wheel. Similarly for craps, you place bets on any of the many possible outcomes and roll the dice. Craps has many betting options and excellent odds, while roulette's options are limited and the odds mostly favor the house. One nice feature is that when you place the cursor on any part of the betting area in either game and press a button, the game shows a help screen that gives the odds, payoff, house commissions, and results of a win or loss for that particular bet.

Graphics in this PC version is a bit less crisp than Commodore 64 counterpart - the ability to use the mouse makes up for this, though. Although it won't turn heads, this little game packs enough options and helpful features to satisfy roulette and craps players for a while. Too bad it is not a more full-fledged casino package.

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Vegas Casino 2 screenshot
Vegas Casino 2 screenshot

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