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Backgammon Professional

Backgammon Professional is a superb backgammon program by Oxford Softworks, a company famous for excellent computer algorithms in PC conversions of popular board games. All the features that backgammon players could hope for are here: polished graphics, intuitive interface, Internet and network play options, a variety of match play options (including Crawford rule), manual dice entry, the ability to take back or replay, pipcount display, save and load games, hint feature, and many more. The game even includes nice bells & whistles including pleasant background music and sound effects. The computer player is not as strong as Jellyfish, but it is tough enough to challenge all but the expert players. The comprehensive hint and on-line help make this a better game than Jellyfish to introduce first-time players to this wonderful parlor game that more people should know about.

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Backgammon Professional screenshot
Backgammon Professional screenshot

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