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OJ Volleyball

A small but amazingly addictive little game of volleyball, OJ Volleyball lets you control only one player, and your goal is simply to serve, return the ball, and smash it into the opponent's corner to score the match-winning point for your team.

The game is a great coffee-break game that surprisingy conveys the feel of the sport very well by its ingenious one-click interface. All you need to do in this game is click the button marked "Click!" to toss the ball, hit it again at the right time to serve, and then again when the ball is returned to return it back. Immediately after returning the ball, you must click and *hold* the mouse button to run up to the net for the smash. Let go of the button to leap up for the smash. Finally, click again at the right time to smash the ball. If your timing is good, you will put the ball in the opponent's corner where they can't hit it-- that's the matchpoint for your team. If you don't time it right, you have to do the whole bump-set-smash sequence all over again until you do. The game is incredibly addictive despite its complete lack of longevity-- definitely one of the best coffee-break games I've ever come across.

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OJ Volleyball screenshot
OJ Volleyball screenshot

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