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Escape from Hell

Review 1:

A "light" RPG with a healthy dose of humor, Escape from Hell is based on an interesting premise: you are a typical guy who's one day mysteriously "zapped" into Hell. And now you must find a way out alive. Talk to lots of Hellish creatures, see inventive tortures and why, aside from the apologetic note in Hell's phone booth, your guardian angel never shows up.

Gameplay is standard top-down RPG fare, with simplified statistics and a good amount of adventure-style puzzle solving. The designer missed no opportunity in poking fun of Biblical references and pop culture: everything from weapon choices, non-player characters, and location descriptions in the game are tongue-in-cheek and some are flat-out funny. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to try a good RPG parody, but don't be fooled by the simplified statistics though: the game will take you quite a while to finish.

Review 2:

A very humorous small RPG game. You are trapped in 'hell ' and you have to get out and save your girlfriend. There are some cunning puzzles to solve. This game is quite a parody on other RPG games with ofcourse lots of fun and jokes.

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