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Super Munchers

Another excellent entry in MECC's "Muncher" series of educational games, Super Munchers is a fun Jeopardy clone featuring cute graphics and fun arcade-influenced gameplay. You basically control Muncher, a Pac-Man relative. You must "munch" the correct answers to various trivia questions, while avoiding devious Troggles. Munch enough correct answers, and you can turn into Super Muncher which can eat Troggles. You also earn points, which can qualify you for a place in the Hall of Heroes. You can also collect bonus items such as the one that highlight the correct answer to the current question. In the course of the game, you will learn fascinating facts in a huge variety of subjects including animals, sports, famous Americans, food and health, geography and music. Perfect for anyone who likes Jeopardy! or similar trivia games, but want a more accessible one for kids. Recommended!

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Super Munchers screenshot
Super Munchers screenshot

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