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Review 1: Action game This game rocks! The action it offers and a fun factor are quite high especially in the arcade mode. You play as a huge Walker, a robot that looks like one of those huge bots from ... There are some cool music with digitalized sound effects, as bonus. You travel with your super devastator robot machine and have to stop war, in all ages. It starts at World War II in Berlin...

Wall Street Wizard

You play a wild west headhunter and have to shoot all the enemies. You walk "up" on the screen, but you can't control your walking speed, the game just scrolls the screen. So it's a simple arcade shooter, like 1942, but instead of a plane, you control a wildwest hero.

War in Gulf
War in Middle Earth

Review 1: One of the better games based on the famous trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. Still War in Middle Earth is lacking a lot of details and with somewhat poor controls and overview it's almost essential ... control various armies in a classic strategy style, while actual battles are done in an RPG fashion. A game that every serious role player should play just as well as all the Lord of the Rings fans!

War Zone
Watchtower AGA
Way of the Little Dragon, The

A game that tries to emulate the original techniques of the karate. Different opponents and background scenes, many moves. Nice graphics in 1987, a good beat 'em up game.

Weird Dreams
Wheelspin AGA

An ordinary arcade racing game, similar to Super Cars II but with much more simple gameplay. It uses the AGA chipset but the graphics is not so detailed like it should be in 1995. Anyway it's not a bad game, you can give it a try.

Where in the Time is Carmen Sandiego
Whizz AGA

Flair software is famous for its fumbling games. So there is another one. Whizz, a 3D isometric platform game, where you control a funny rabbit.

Wild Cup Soccer
Wild Streets
Wild Wheels
Willy Beamish
Wing Commander

The well known Wing Commander game, one of the first version which was followed by many on other platforms. The gameplay is very similar to the known in the Star Wars games X-Wing. You have to control your ship and shoot the attackers.

Wingnuts AGA

Review 1: Wings is one of the best action simulation games I have ever played with all computer systems in mind. You are young pilot in the beginning of world war 1 without much knowledge about how awful ... this game. Review 2: It's a simulator game, where first of all, you must learn to fly. Ride your plane, and shoot out all the enemy. Cool vector graphics, fast speed (on a A1200), good atmosphere.

Wings of Death

A cool shoot 'em up game with smooth scroll. You have to control a little dragon flyer and make him grow. Shoot eveybody and avoid the traps! Amazing music by Jochen Hippel!

Wings of Fury

Review 1: Action World War II. Pacific. The Americans and Japanese are fighting for domination of the seas. You have just been recruited and the days of glory are ahead of You... One of the best flight ... where you fly a WW2 US plane and has to blast the Japan base and planes. You can use gombs, torpedos, rockets, machinegun. But, watch out for your oil and fuel! Very enjoyable game, I recommend!

Wolf Pack
Woody's World
World Circuit
World Cup 90
World Games
Worlds of Legend
Worms Director's Cut

Extra version of the pc action game, worms. You have many new levels, terrain editor, weapons, sounds and intelligent computer opponent. Simple worms version was also available for Amiga.

Wrath of the Demon

An arcade-adventure game, with beautiful hand made graphics, and intro animation. The arcade levels are similar to Shadow of the Beast. Very good looking stuff.

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