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Rogue: Adventure

Review 1:

Rogue: Adventure is an ASCII colour adventure game. You travel through levels killings monsters, picking up weapons and potions and collecting money. You have stats like Hits, Strength and Armour and as you kill monsters you gain levels making you more powerful. Its not a bad game and the levels seem to be generated randomly making each game different. But seeing that the game has no story line you have no idea what the game is about. It works in Windows 98 but I would only download it if I had a 286 but its not really worth it otherwise.

Review 2:

Rogue is a very simple ASCII based dungeon exploration game that sparked off a whole generation of imitations: Angband, Nethack, Ragnarok and ADOM to name a few. It's charm lies in its very simple control system, graphics (B=a bat, S=a snake etc) and almost endless replayability. There isn't a whole lot else to say about it, just download it yourself and see.

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