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Review 1:

The sequel to Tetris, kind of ingenious, while not being as good as the classic itself. This is a weird one - and you know I like weird things, tehehe... Well, if you like good puzzle-games and are tired of Tetris itself - go ahead, short download - long fun! Basically you got 2 dimensional tiles in a 3 dimensional environment. They're sliding down the wall and you have to fit them into lines which will disappear. Mixture of Tetris and Blockout.

Review 2:

This is "sequel" of sorts to the classic Tetris: this time you must deal with tiles in 3D, coming in from all 4 sides of a well (hence the name). The game certainly retains the addictiveness of the original, while making the concept even more difficult -- now you must contend with filling 5 surfaces instead of one (the 4 walls, plus the well bottom). Graphics is not as good as the original, but then again that's not what will keep us playing :)

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Welltris screenshot
Welltris screenshot

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