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Review 1:

Yet another great puzzle-game from 1990. Just connect pipes and if you manage to create an unbroken circle (as shown in the pic) it disappears increasing your score. This may sound simple at first - you can move and turn the pieces according to your needs - but it soon gets more difficult as the tiles get more twisted and your board will be full of pieces you never intended to drop where they are, but time forced you to do so. Pretty good game, challenging, while simple in concept.

Review 2:

Another nice little puzzle game that's just right to play in that little break, Loopz is a faithful PC version of classic Atari game for the Atari ST computer. The game idea is fairly simple: place random pieces on the grid to build so-called "loopz" - closed loops which disappear to make place for more tiles... so you can build more loopz, and so on. You gain more points if you are able to make bigger loopz when it closes, so it pays to wait for the "perfect" tile (similar to Tetris) that guarantees a lot of points. The game features three different play modes and a two-player option. Fans of LucasFilm's earlier Pipe Dreams should have a blast, although Loopz is much more similar to Tetris and arguably more complex. Highly recommended!

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Loopz screenshot
Loopz screenshot

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