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Falcon Beertender

Review 1:

Yes folks - this is good ol' Tapper. The old game you might remember from your C64 - or maybe even from your old XT. The concept is still the same - you're a barkeep' and have to serve beer to your customers who get angry and start moving towards you till they finally get their beloved beer. If they get it early enough they will just leave - if not they will slide their glass back and want more beer. Do not break any glasses or you are out! The levels get harder as more people come and want beer. It can get pretty ridiculous later on, but it sure is fun. The graphics are great - they give the game a funny touch and just make you want to play that little round inbetween. Damn good remake I'd say! Oh and don't worry if you don't understand anything in the menus - the game is in swedish (Falcon is a swedish brewery) - you can start a new game with F1.

Review 2:

A great remake of classic Tapper arcade game, Falcon Beertender is a wonderful, addictive coffee-break game from E-Game, Swedish developer with a novel business model: they create free, promotional games for companies who are interested in promoting brand awareness of their products. In this case, German beermaker Falcon is the sponsor, so appropriately enough, we have a barkeep game.

The goal in Falcon Beertender is the same as in Tapper, and the layout is very similar: as a barkeeper, your job is to serve your customers a mug of beer each. If you don't do this in time before they reach the counter, they will hit you, costing you a life (you start with three). Falcon Beertender enhances the gameplay of Tapper in 2 ways. First, your customers can sometimes be very thirsty: they will toss back an empty beer mug for you to fill. You'll have to catch those mugs and pass them more beer. Secondly, breaking a (glass) mug also costs you a life, so you must make sure that you're not tossing more beer mugs than necessary, lest they crash into a back wall.

Overall, Falcon Beertender is exactly what Tapper in Windows 95/98 would probably look like: great graphics, and the same addictive gameplay improved tenfold.

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Falcon Beertender screenshot
Falcon Beertender screenshot

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