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Falcon Beertender

Review 1: Yes folks - this is good ol' Tapper. The old game you might remember from your C64 - or maybe even from your old XT. The concept is still the same - you're a barkeep' and have to serve beer ... lest they crash into a back wall. Overall, Falcon Beertender is exactly what Tapper in Windows 95/98 would probably look like: great graphics, and the same addictive gameplay improved tenfold.

MER Innebandy

Floorball is a sport that was invented in Sweden in the early '70s. Based on American street hockey, it's a game with two sides, five players and a goalkeeper on each side. The idea of is to get a small ... because there is just too much potential wasted here. Hopefully soon someone will notice the lack of a proper floorball game - until then, MER Innebandy is what we have to settle with. Unfortunately.

Sydkraft Energy Saver

A cute little game from E-Game, leading promotional game developers. Sponsored by Swedish energy giant Sydkraft, your mission in Sydkraft Energy Saver is-- not surprisingly-- to help the little light bulb ... fast as you can before an accident happens. Every half minute you will get a clever question, which correctly answered will render you 100 bonus points. Too bad these questions are in Swedish only.

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