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Crash Garret

This game is a french game where you have to talk a lot of french with the characters in the game. It is very hard if you are not french.


The board game (French version).

Chiffres et des Lettres, Des

French word and count quiz.

Maitre des Ames, Le

Some french adventure.

Meurtres en Serie
Moria 2

French adventure.


French hangman.


French spy-game.

Scrabble, The

French version of the board game.


French worms.


Skweek is a decent PC conversion of Loriciel's fun action/puzzle game, in which you control a wooly something over many levels, colouring the platform pieces by walking over them. Of course, there are ... could be on the four-colour card. Should be played in real DOS mode because of the PC speaker title music. However, the game itself works fine under Windows 95/98. Note: The game texts are in French.


Textual adventure made by the French company Ere. In the first chapter, you are the knight 'Girouette' (weather cock) and your goal is to free the king Egres, prisonner in the castle of the priest Cinomeh.

Sram 2

The sequel made shortly after the first game. In the second chapter, Egres is the king (thanks to you) and Cinomeh was banished in high mountains. A black sorcerer teaches him how some magic. Then he came back and charmed you (the knight Girouette)! Now, as slave of Cinomeh, your new goal is to kill the king Egres.

Tennis Cup

Tennis Cup is yet another tennis simulation that came out in the early 90's. Graphically, the game is a beauty with typical Sablons characters and design. It offers many options and play modes, such as ... not as good as Great Courts 2, but quite nice for a change. Also take a look at its better successor Tennis Cup II. Note: All in-game texts are in French, but that shouldn't be much of a problem.

Top Secret

French adventure game.

Trivial Pursuit

Review 1: One of the first games made under the new "Leisure Genius" label after Virgin took over Mastertronic to form the "Virgin Mastertronic" division, Trivial Pursuit continues ... I don't like it much - you do not enter the answer or pick one of the offered. You have to say it to your friends and then tell the game if you got it right or not. Blah, it should have been better!


Adventure game.

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