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Yogho Yogho

Review 1:

Yogho is a nice dutch platform game wich you could get for free in 1991 when you bought Yogho-icecreams. The game is quite a lot of fun to play, but it has no save-option.

Review 2:

Yogho Yogho is a decent platformer distributed freely with ice creams in the "Yogho Yogho" line from Campina, a giant Dutch dairy company. The game is a straightforward 2D side-scrolling platformer, with colorful cartoony graphics. There is plenty of levels, as well as secret levels you can enter by collecting special items.

Aimed at a young audience like the Yogho Yogho brand itself, the game sports attractive cartoony graphics, smooth animations, and wacky level designs. The colors are a bit too bright, though, and it is far too easy in my opinion - mostly because I feel most 12-year-olds have better reflexes than I, and I was able to beat this game in merely a few hours. The game is in Dutch, but since it is a platformer, you don't need to read to be able to finish the game. This is the DOS release of the game which works well in Windows. Yogho Yogho is also still around, churning out new freeware promotional titles every few months - check out their website below. All in all, the game is recommended, especially for budding gamers in your house who are starting to develop a penchant for action games... and you don't think they are ready for DOOM just yet ;)

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Yogho Yogho screenshot
Yogho Yogho screenshot

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