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Boggle is a nice game. This is the dutch version, so you have a problem if you can not understand dutch. The game is simple, you start with a field and every 3 seconds or so, you get an extra letter of ... and fill in the word. How faster you know the right word and typed it, how more points. If you don not know it you get 0 points. You can play alone, but also with more players. Up to four players!


Dutch gamble machine.


Dutch game, collect cheese with a mouse, but don't get caught by the cat.


PC-version of dutch TV-quiz.


Mastermind is nice puzzle game wich you might already know. This pc-game is made in dutch, but it is still fun to play the game.


This nice game is dutch and is a snake game where you got to eat mouses or other animals and get lots of points, only make sure you don not eat other stuff, like trees, gates, etc. Nice game.

RedCat 2: De ontvoering

Review 1: Dutch game where a gang of mouses lead by an evil wizzard kidnapped princess Dana. Redcat has the job of rescueing her. At the end of level 8, RedCat has to beat that evil wizzard. Review ... less goes away :) The game is in Dutch, but there is very little text in the game to read. Recommended only to die-hard fans of platformers who are curious about obscure - and deservedly so - games.


Rummikub is a dutch board game wich works just like the "real" board game. This is the version with numbers. To start, you must have 30 points and after that you can just play. Read "Help" for instructions. Notice that it is all in dutch!

Yogho Yogho

Review 1: Yogho is a nice dutch platform game wich you could get for free in 1991 when you bought Yogho-icecreams. The game is quite a lot of fun to play, but it has no save-option. Review 2: Yogho ... All in all, the game is recommended, especially for budding gamers in your house who are starting to develop a penchant for action games... and you don't think they are ready for DOOM just yet ;)

Zorg om het water

Educational program in Dutch about the care of water.

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