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Tintin: Prisoners of The Sun

Tintin: Prisoners of The Sun is the last and best of all Infogrames' games based on the acclaimed comics series. Intrepid adventurer Tintin is back, and better than ever in this installation. The game starts in Professor Midge's Museum, right after the good Professor has been attacked. As Tintin, your job is to search for the identity and motive of his attacker. Little do you know that this simple detective errand will evolve into a grand adventure that spans the globe.

Prisoners of The Sun improves on Tintin in Tibet, the previous Tintin game in many ways. The best news is that you can now play both Tintin and his buddy Captain Haddock, although Haddock's sequences are few and far between. Most sequences now have depth, i.e. you can move both away and into the screen as well as left and right, adding an exciting dimension to standard 2D side-scrolling gameplay. The game will take you far and wide from France to Peru and beyond, and each sequence introduces new gameplay, surprises, and terrain. Speech balloons and cutscenes advance the plot even better than Disney's platform games.

With a plot that thickens as you play, a game that only gets more exciting, this is one game that'll give you severe withdrawl after the closing credits. In short, this is a must-have for Tintin fans. And if you don't know Tintin, here's a very good opportunity to find out why he remains one of the world's best-loved characters.

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Tintin: Prisoners of The Sun screenshot
Tintin: Prisoners of The Sun screenshot

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