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Armaeth: The Lost Kingdom

Review 1:

Armaethis a fun budget adventure game in the style of Sierra's venerable King's Quest that delivers far more gameplay than many full-priced games, although at times the "similarity" is so great that you might feel as if you're playing King's Quest 3 all over again . Overcome various obstacles in your quest to find the lost kingdom of Armaeth. Despite the clumsy interface that has many more icons than necessary at any one time, Armaeth's easy puzzles and charming atmosphere makes it ideal for novices and veterans looking for a fun diversion from longer games.

Review 2:

This is one of the smaller but very fun adventure games to play. Looks a bit like the Sierra Classic (e.g. King's Quest).

You walk around very well made colourful sceneries in search of Armaeth, the lost kingdom.

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