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Humans, The

Review 1:

The Humans 1 is a fun but rather hard puzzle game. The game takes place when the humankind was all new and when all people looked like cavemen. You control some different humans and you will have to solve different small puzzles.

The game offer pretty nice graphics together with funny sounds. Overall the game isn't anything special, but it can offer some fun if you play the game a bit. But this game doesn't reach the heights of a game like Lemmings though.

Review 2:

A nice game that sometimes reminds a bit Lemmings in gameplay while having a very unique concept. You get a task at the beginning of each level you got to achieve with a certain number of humans. If you killed all the members of your tribe - well - you failed.

The game offers much more than Lemmings (that certainly inspired the programmers of this one). Right in the beginning you got to discover the spear - from that point on your clan members are able to use spears. Later you discover other things - like the rope for example which can be used for various things. 40 levels wait to be completed - that should be quite some fun, the cute little cut-scenes between those levels add a lot of atmosphere to the game. Highly recommended!

Review 3:

Some of the most original puzzle games ever created, similarities to Psygnosis' Lemmings notwithstanding, The Humans games let you help our predecessors the cavemen "progress" from the stone age and beyond. Puzzles are very engaging: they involve making use of new items (e.g. fire, the wheel) as the cavemen discover them, and co-ordinating activities of two or more cavemen, to pass the level. Too bad the latest game Evolution: Lost in Time is bogged down with extremely frustrating puzzles.

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Humans, The screenshot
Humans, The screenshot

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