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High Rollers

A good PC version of an oldie TV game show of the same name. In this novel combination of gambling and trivia, 2 contestants compete to remove numbers off a 3x3 grid by rolling a pair of dice. To begin each turn, a multiple choice or true/false question is read. The first contestant that buzzes in chooses the correct answer. If correct, that person can opt to roll the dice or pass the dice to his/her opponent. If incorrect, control goes to the opponent and has the option of rolling or passing. The dice are rolled down a craps-like table. The roller must remove a single number or several numbers whose sum adds up to the total on the dice. The numbers 1 through 9 are arranged in the 3x3 grid. At least one column, occasionally 2 columns, are "hot" columns, which means a single column of numbers can be removed with the proper roll. If doubles are rolled, the roller earns an insurance marker that can be used whenever that person rolls a number that cannot be made with the numbers on the board. A game ends when a roller has rolled a number that is no longer on the board or a number whose sum cannot be made with any combination of numbers on the board or when the board is cleared. If a bad number is rolled, the opponent wins the game. If a person clears the board, that person wins the game.

Despite four-color CGA graphics, High Rollers is surprisingly playable and stands up well with time. The true/false questions are interesting, and the element of luck keeps the game afresh and reduces the game's dependence on strong AI (although there's a definite difference between "Expert" and "Novice" levels). Perfect for fans of gambling games who want a touch of trivia in their games, and trivia fans who want an element of randomness to spice up the challenge. Definitely one of Box Office's better releases.

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High Rollers screenshot

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