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Third in Knowledge Adventure's database-cum-game series, Speed is a fun edutainment title created around a great IMAX film of the same name, which unfortunately is no longer in the theatres.

Similar to Knowledge Adventure and Sport Adventure, Speed is essentially a kids-friendly encyclopedia about speed; more specifically, about the physics of speed and mankind's never-ending quest to go ever faster. The IMAX film that inspires the program is included in full, and it's a fun and educational 40 minutes even though you don't have the benefit of a huge panoramic screen IMAX is famous for. In addition to having typical film options like remind and fast forward, Speed allows you to pause the film and go to the relevant section of the database, where you can find more detailed information about bicycles, planes, the physics of light, and other related subjects. As with other Knowledge Adventure titles, the text is quite well-written, concise, and accessible to kids of all ages. There are several "speed games" that are quite interesting, although with little replay value once you solve them. Overall, Speed is another solid encyclopedia/edutainment titles, and one of the last floppy-based multimedia titles before the boom of CD-ROMs. The interesting games and other activities make up for the narrow focus. Well worth a look, and the IMAX film alone is worth the Top Dog honor.

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