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Dark and Stormy Entry, A

My favorite entry in the 2001 LOTECHComp for which it won a respectable second place, A Dark and Stormy Entry is a fun and quite clever Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game which puts you in the role of a struggling writer trying to write his/her newest novel. LoTECHComp organizer Mark Silcox says it all about this fun old game:

"More good jokes, and one or two genuine flourishes of brilliant literary pastiche in this one, which uses the device of CYOA-style storytelling to depict the various sorts of decisions involved in creating a work of fiction from scratch. A fairly clever spin on the restrictions imposed by the contest rules, though I have to confess that I've read so very many writer's-workshoppy, "post-modern" pieces in which the author extemporizes about the agonies of writer's block that after a while I found the effect somewhat bludgeoning. The legendary Lord Bytton is an unquestionably gifted writer, though, and although no particular gamestate was singled out by the author as constituting a "win," the episode with the ficus plant left me with the cozy feeling of having scored an unsought but indisputable victory." The game is very well-written, with very high replayability because there are many possible endings, i.e. the kind of novel you will write. I had a lot of fun replaying this one, and you will, too :)

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