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We're sorry but because of increasing service maintaining costs we had to introduce paid subscription to our service. We offer two simple plans - either pay only $7.95 to use our download service without any limitations for 1 day, or for $11.95 you get unlimited downloads for the whole month! We hope this measure is sufferable for you - it costs you almost nothing and it really saves our site. If you really can't afford it, then we are very sorry, but there is no other way if we want to keep our site up. Thank you.

All available options are instant and only one-time payments, you'll be billed just once.
The time interval applies only to download period, it does not limit usage of the software in any way.
We offer 30 day money back guarantee. Privacy policy and Contact information.

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In case you've already paid, please enter your order number and you'll be granted unlimited access immediately (for example 1234- You can also use your email address instead:

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Please read our FAQ here before contacting us. If your question is not already answered there, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll respond in 48 hours.