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Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness

Review 1:

You start off in dark cavern, unaware of where you are, or how you got there. All your items are gone, and you have a bad headache. Ouch. What more could possibly go wrong. Well, maybe the fact that there are blood-thirsty vampires craving your plumpy neck, or maybe that violent ghosts of dead criminals are trying to kill you and posses your weak soul. Hmm...nah, that's not bad enough. Ok, how about Baba Yaga is back for revenge? Or maybe Ad Avis wants to make you his eternal vampire slave? Your hero is really in for it now. The darkest and most evil game of the series, Quest For Glory 4 is in Eastern Europe with a "count Dracula" theme. You will meet many characters, most of which will not trust you, as they think you are a Vampire. The location you are stuck in is the land of Mordavia. Once a luscious, green land, Mordavia has turned into a swamp-infested, Zombie-ridden valley. Since the swamp blocked off all entrance into Mordavia, no one may come in or out of the Valley. What happened was you were summoned to the valley by magic, but you don't who summoned you. The graphics are very nice. Hand-painted backgrounds are a plus in this game, as they really give the game a nice smooth, atmospheric look. But that's not all- the music is very good too. In the beginning of the game, you will find the music very creepy and mysterious. When you are fighting, the music is very furious and fast-paced. That brings me to a new strong point in this wonderful game- the fighting. Think of street fighter mixed with point and click. Cool, huh? You get cool moves such as dagger throwing, fireball casting (which look like the Hoboken things from Street Fighter) and flip-jumping. The plot is very engaging and unique with cool sci-fi elements, for example, soul possessing, and Vampire hunting. The only bad side are the bugs, which can be easily fixed by using utilities such as moslo and installing the patch. Once you get into the game, the plot will grip you right in. I really recommend this game, and I really like it. If you play it, you probably will too. So Download it!

Review 2:

Dark magic has drawn you to Mordavia. Undead creatures walk the forest by night; everyone you meet seems strange and uneasy. It's up to you to make friends, influence people, and unravel the mystery of the Dark One -- All before breakfast. Shadows of Darkness cover the land; It's time to be a hero again!

Review 3:

Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness is an role playing adventure game that is the fourth instalment of the series. This game has been said to be one of the darkest games out of the entire series due to the fact that it has more dark cult and a number of un-dead and Lovecraftian creatures.

The game has been based in a fantasy world known as Glorianna, which is a bit of a mirror image of earth. This world has been filled with many different creatures ranging from mythical and legend creatures to humanoids with animal like features. Some of the characters that are involved in the game consist of the usual Hero, and there are several characters that have appear in a few of the previous games in the series such as Rakeesh Sah Tarna, Abdullah Doo, and the evil Ad Avis. At the very beginning of the game you will be taken away from your victory in Tarna to the very hazardous Dark Caves which is in a far away land known as Mordavia. You arrive in this place with no equipment and are very confused in why you've been sent here. You've escaped the cave and encounter with a young lady known as Katrina who will assist you along in your adventures. While on your travels you will encounter a few of your old friends including Ad Avis and Baba Yaga, as well as making many new allies. You will then assist Ad Avis by attempting to collect the Dark Rituals, which will awaken Avoozl who is known as the Dark One who has been asleep under the Dark caves. Eventually you will be no longer under control of Ad Avis and turn on him, destroying him in the end. While you are in celebration for this wonderful defeat a very suspicious wizard Erasmus comes and sends you to another land known as Silmaria.

For being the fourth game in the series you wouldn't expect this game to be as well designed as the previous four, but Quest for Glory IV has definitely been taken to the next level of game play. Quest for Glory IV is a game full of puzzle solving adventures. You have the choice to play as the fighter, thief, magician, or a paladin. Throughout your travels your skills will increase by just using them. In this series of the games the combat is different then previous Quest for Glory games. The combat will now be viewed in a platform perspective and you have a lot more freedom in movement and attack. The combat is very similar to how the combats would be designed in fighting games.

If you were looking to play a medieval fantasy adventure game that increases in difficulty the further you get into the game then Quest for Glory IV would be a superb investment. The game has a very in depth plot along with phenomenal third dimensional graphics that allow the game to be enjoyed by all gamer skill levels. Quest for Glory IV is definitely an addicting and exciting game that you will enjoy for many years to come.

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