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One of the first shooters and probably one of the worst. Pretty normal for a start, isn't it? Just fly around and shoot anything You see. That's it...

Xenon 2: Megablast

Very good looking shoot 'em up game from The Bitmap brothers. High-tech backgrounds, levels and music.

Xmas Lemmings

Next version of our favorite lemmings game. Now they are conquer the artic levels, with xmas trees :) Nice music, good graphics, hard levels, loooong gameplay.

Xorron 2001
Xp-8 AGA
XR 35: Fighter Mission
XTreme Racing 2.0 AGA

It's a cool racing game, with many XTreme features, like the multiplayer mode.

Yo! Joe!

Nice platform game.


Yolanda looks similar to Giana, but the game doesn't. Though it's a platform game, but in an absolutely different style. By the way, the level of the game is very hard! You will die within seconds, until you figure it out where to move.

Yuppi's Revenge (German)
Zak McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders

Maniac Mansion, Loom, are you familiar with that names? Zak McKracken & The Alien Mindbenders has the same engine, and graphics. It's a bestseller, one of the most famous detective-adventure games on C64. This version is the Amiga port, unfortunaltely not many things changed since the C64 version.

Zany Golf

Nine of the craziest holes you have ever seen. Each one like a separate arcade game. Featuring individual music tracks, rich animated background graphics and a host of very unusual obstacles.


Zeewolf is a very interesting, vector graphic based military action game. You have to fly your helicopter and complete all the impossible hard missions.

Zeewolf 2: Wild Justice

Almost the same as the Zeewolf 1, but with many new levels and missions. A garmada of new vehicles appears in Zeewolf 2.

Zero Gravity

A simple game about the Zombie ruled city. You control 4 guys and have to move them separately. There are many places to visit, many things to use and many Zombies to explore :) Anyway there are nothing special, it's just an adventure game.

Zombie 2 AGA
Zone Warrior
Zool 2

The game about the Chupa Chups and it's hero. It's like the 7up and the Cool Spot :) The 2-nd edition has nice, colorful AGA graphics, but a little bit slow movement, with not an easy control. Anyway, worth to give it a try.

Zork Zero

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